Monday, October 1, 2012

A Simple Autumn-Rosalind Lauer

A Simple Autumn

Rosalind Lauer

Ballantine, Oct 16 2012, $15.00

ISBN: 9780345526755

In Lancaster County, Jonah King hopes to have a life with Annie Stoltzfus. He has loved her since he was a child but she remains infatuated with his older brother Adam as she has since she was a child though his sibling is engaged to marry Remy McCallister (see A Simple Winter). Hoping to finally get his beloved Annie to notice him, a desperate Jonah begins working at her family farm.

Jonah’s sibling Gabe loves schoolteacher Emma Lapp, who reciprocates his feelings. However, she refuses to allow anyone to see them together due to his wild rumspringa. While his behavior breaks her heart, she needs to understand his need; neither seems capable of taking a step towards the other.

The third warm Seasons of Lancaster King family drama (see A Simple Winter and A Simple Spring) contains two engaging Amish romances. Although the siblings’ path to true love goes as expected, fans will enjoy the trek each takes.

Harriet Klausner

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