Friday, October 11, 2013

Treecat Wars-David Weber and Jane Lindskold

Treecat Wars

David Weber and Jane Lindskold

Baen, Oct 1 2013, $18.99

ISBN: 9781451639339

On Sphinx, because of a fire he cannot send his experienced rangers to a class, Forestry Service Chief Ranger Shelton offers his Provisional Rangers teenage Stephanie Harrington and Karl Zivonik the two quotas he has at the three-month advanced training class on Manticore. Both are interested but Stephanie regrets the timing as she will have no time to spend with Anders Whittaker who just returned to the planet after months away. He encourages her and her parents, Richard the xeno-veterinarian and Marjorie the xeno-botanist, approve her going.

While Stephanie leaves off-planet for school, due to the inferno Swaying Fronds Clan scout Keen Eyes seeks a new home for his Treecat group, but is limited in his search as the two legged species and the Swaying Fronds Clan occupy much of the surrounding ranges. At the same time the Adair Foundation sends xeno-anthropologists from Manticore to Sphinx, but they differ in attitude towards the Treecats than previous off-world visitors.

The third Star Kingdom young adult science fiction (see Fire Season and A Beautiful Friendship) is an enjoyable tale though much of the focus is not on the heroine who is away at school. When Stephanie appears it is more about her long distance relationship with Anders then her bond with Climbs Quickly. The insight into a different culture engages the audience as the two-legged argues over whether Treecats are sentient or not.

Harriet Klausner

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