Monday, October 7, 2013

Cut To The Bone-Jefferson Bass

Cut To The Bone

Jefferson Bass

Morrow, Sep 24 2013, $26.99

ISBN: 9780062262301

In 1992, University of Tennessee at Knoxville Anthropology Department Chair Dr. Bill Brockton has had success using forensics to help police solve murders. He wants to expand the knowledge by establishing a unique forensics research center that studies decaying corpses. Thus he opens up what becomes dubbed The Body Farm.

At the same time, a serial killer surfaces murdering victims in ways that emulate some of Brockton’s previous consultations. Brockton knows his loved ones are in peril from this diabolical psychopath and diligently works with the police to end the maniac’s reign of terror that the professor believes if not stopped will end with his death. However, Brockton also concludes the identification lies in his past, but who remains unknown.

The latest Body Farm forensics mystery is a thrilling serial killer prequel as team Bass focuses on two decades ago at a time when the research facility is just beginning. The forensics add freshness to the typical cat and mouse whodunit; as does meeting the predator early on. Fans will appreciate this engaging investigative tale.

Harriet Klausner

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