Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Kiss Of Death-Debbie Viguie

Kiss Of Death

Debbie Viguie

FaithWorks, Sep 24 2013, $6.99

ISBN: 9781455574223

Though a human Susan knows her role in the war against vampires has been handed down from generations going back to at least the late twelfth century. Her cousin Wendy and injured friend David who can resist an undead stare help Susan in her quest. The trio recovers in Prague from their latest battle against Richelieu and his evil minion. The cousins devote their healing time to translate into English a diary written by Carissa an ancestor in France at the beginning of the family’s involvement centuries ago; praying their relative left the method to destroy their malevolent adversary.

Susan and Raphael the vampiric ally are attracted to each other, but have no time exploring their feelings. While she works on the journal, Raphael knows he must stop Richelieu from finding an artifact containing the Christ’s blood; failure means losing the war. To succeed Raphael must ignore his rage and persuade his sire Gabriel and their vampiric friend Paul to help him and his human partners.

The second Kiss Trilogy (see Kiss of Night) is an action-packed Christian good and evil vampire thriller. The two prime subplots (the good vampires’ efforts vs. the malevolent ones, and the translations) are fast-paced and entertaining. The overarching theme that anyone even a vampire can be redeemed (though the evil one seems the exception to that Christian tenet) is enhanced as two teams of trios separate while preparing for the final kiss of death against the seemingly superior force of Richelieu.

Harriet Klausner

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