Thursday, October 17, 2013

Claimed by the Demon-Doranna Durgin

Claimed by the Demon

Doranna Durgin

Harlequin Nocturne, Oct 1 2013, $5.75

ISBN: 9780373885794

Gwen Badura plans to go to Vegas for her vacation, but instead feels an obsessive compulsion to travel to Albuquerque instead. Stunned as she never was an OCD sufferer until now, Gwen believes the pendant she has worn since her father gave to her years ago compelled her to drive to New Mexico instead of Nevada.

In the city, Gwen and demon blade owner Michael MacKenzie meet as he compulsively came to the city though like her he cannot explain why except that the blade he struggles to control expects him to use it to fight an evil. Empathizing with him, Gwen aids Michael in his efforts to prevent the demon blade from controlling him even as a new compulsion of love unites them much deeper.

The second Demon romantic urban fantasy (see Taming the Demon) is an engaging paranormal thriller due to the lead couple’s refreshing fights to keep the demon at bay; while battling other evil in which the blade is conveniently handy even while draining its beholder’s soul. Although the street peril confronting the protagonists adds tension by forcing the hero to choose between his soul and his heart, several of these escapades feel too abrupt. Still fans will relish the fight between love and evil.

Harriet Klausner

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