Wednesday, October 9, 2013

An Amish Family Christmas-Murray Pura

An Amish Family Christmas

Murray Pura

Harvest House, Oct 1 2013, $10.99

ISBN: 9780736952378

A drunk drove into the buggy killing Naomi Bachman’s parents and sister, and leaving her brother Luke in a coma that the doctors believe he will never come out of; the DUI left her family in the ditch. While grieving her loss, Naomi knows the holidays will be painfully lonely as she needs her husband Micah to comfort her, but instead he joined the military last year against the tenet of their Amish church. He felt a calling to heal the wounded in theater; while his wife insists to her sister-in-law Rebecca she has no husband.

When Micah returns from overseas, still in uniform he goes to the hospital to see his wife and brother-in-law. Naomi remains angry with Micah for choosing war over her and their lifestyle. The Bishop tells Micah he is happy he came home alive, but the Bann remains in place unless he repents by admitting he erred when he enlisted. Believing he did God’s calling to heal the injured as a medic, Micah accepts the shunning though that means living under the same roof with his wife but banned from speaking with her. Letters arrive from people appreciative of Micah saving the lives of their loved ones. With an epiphany, Naomi shows them to the Bishop hoping he will lift the shunning.

An Amish Family Christmas is a superb second chance family drama starring a dedicated lead male, his beleaguered wife and a strong fully developed support cast. Character driven by the Bann, readers will relish this engaging entry as Micah is a real hero as follows his soul-calling at the cost of his family and community.

Harriet Klausner

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