Monday, October 21, 2013

Christmas Ghosts: A Fiction River Anthology-Kristine Grayson (editor)

Christmas Ghosts: A Fiction River Anthology

Kristine Grayson (editor)

WMG, Oct 8 2013, $15.99

ISBN 9780615783550

“The Farewell Gift” by Louise Marley. The Spanish Flu pandemic killed lonely Madeline’s family; however for Christmas her brother Holland the ghost gifts her with Peter stranded during a Montana blizzard.

“A Ghost of Time” by Dean Wesley Smith. Sherri bought the rundown mansion in 2015, but she is in 1898 when Carson built the place.

“Christmas, Interrupted” by Lisa Silverthorne. In December 2013, Mallory tries to go back to one year to prevent Rowan’s murder.

“The Ghost of Willow’s Past” by M.L. Buchman. In Portland, soldiers Dusty and Amy meet at a public garden where her grandmother’s tree of love planted in 1917 was recently cut down.

“Toasted” by Mary Jo Putney. In New York, Rebecca the Hunter wakes up Simon the Guardian because she insists the children need help. Attracted to each other, her being a ghost complicates matters.

“Chains” by Kristine Kathryn Rusch. In New York, Roth feels lonely as he prepares to go on stage with his father the ghost nagging him about turning in the unauthorized young girl when his only love Erika comes looking for her.

“Muss Merriweather’s Christmas Follies” by Carole Nelson Douglas. Pitt informs Dark Angel singer Adrian that he is a problem dead and alive while Marianne argues he does not belong in hell as his ancestor killed her.

“A Countess for Christmas” by Anthea Lawson. In 1814 Liam writes Cecilia that her brother is healing at his estate following an accident; they continue to exchange correspondence.

The latest Fiction River anthology (see Time Streams) contains two time travel and six ghost stories, but all eight entries sage a strong Christmas romantic theme.

Harriet Klausner

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