Saturday, October 19, 2013

Paige Rewritten-Erynn Mangum

Paige Rewritten

Erynn Mangum

NavPress, Oct 8 2013, $14.99

ISBN: 9781612913216

In Texas, Paige Alder feels great as her personal life is the best it ever has been with her dating Tyler Jennings who she met at church (see Paige Torn) and her boss Mark Lawman offers her more responsibilities and a raise at the adoption agency where she works. Adding to her sense of well-being is her religious beliefs remain stronger than ever that God is always with her especially since she has made time to read the bible.

However, Paige also has issues as she still cannot say no. Her former boyfriend Luke Prestwick, who dumped her, wants to just have a conversation using her birthday as a means to chat with her; he tells her he is coming home as his firm opens up a Dallas office. Her sister Preslee who she has not seen in four years since she ran away with her band, arrives at Paige’s apartment, asking for her to forgive her. Already teaching Sunday School at the church, the youth pastor pleads with her to counsel younger girls.

The second Paige Alder inspirational continues the warm look at a person who cannot “just say no” as she debates with the Holy Spirit for guidance re forgiveness, second chances and to move pass her vitriolic animosity towards Luke and Preslee. Although the enjoyable storyline behooves the young adult audience to first read the prequel to better understand the protagonist, fans will enjoy Paige Rewritten.

Harriet Klausner

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