Friday, October 5, 2012

Twelfth Night Secrets-Jane Feather

Twelfth Night Secrets

Jane Feather

Pocket, Oct 30 2102, $7.99

ISBN: 97814391145272

In 1797, Lady Harriet Devere and her family mourn the death of her brother Nicholas. Still she and her grieving family gather in Oxfordshire for their annual holiday celebration. While attending the gala, the government asks Harriet to spy on Nicholas’ alleged best friend Julius Forsythe who will be at the gala; they believe the Earl of Marbury murdered her sibling to conceal his seditious deeds as a double agent working for them and the French.

At the gala, Harriet watches Julius carefully as he charms her grandfather the host and the rest of her family; her ten year siblings worship him. Harriet wonders how he could be her late brother’s best friend when his name never was mentioned and she catches him lying. Still, Harriet begins to fall in love with him, but also fears her heart hides the truth yet every instinct tells her he is not a traitor or a murderer. Deciding to follow her heart, Harriet resolutely sets out to find the real double agent.

This is an engaging Napoleonic espionage romance starring an intrepid heroine and a mysterious earl. Action-packed fans will enjoy this late eighteenth century version of Harriet the Spy as Jane Feather provides a wonderful thrilling Yuletide tale.

Harriet Klausner

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