Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Emperor's Soul-Brandon Sanderson

The Emperor's Soul

Brandon Sanderson

Tachyon Publications, Nov 1 2012, $14.95


ISBN: 9781616960926

They capture Shai the Forger as she attempts to steal the emperor’s Moon Scepter by replacing it with a perfect replica that she created, which rewrites its history. Emperor Ashravan’s advisors like Councilor Gaotona and Frava the Arbiter debate what to do with the abomination they normally would execute for her thieving and her despicable magic. However, Frava persuades Gaotona they can use their prisoner in this time of crisis.

Gaotona and Frava know that once the hundred day mourning period for the deceased empress is done, either their ruler appears in public or the empire will implode into lethal chaos with the end of the Heritage Faction rule. They demand Shai forge a new history for Emperor Ashravan who is near death since an assassin removed his consciousness. If she refuses she dies so she buys time by acquiescing knowing she has never done anything like what her captures demand of her.

The Emperor’s Soul is an engaging leisurely paced fantasy in which Brandon Sanderson makes true believers of fans in the magic of forging though the dialogue between Shai and Gaotona. Told mostly by her viewpoint, Shai is an antihero who seeks opportunity in all her endeavors including her current incarceration gig. The other prime player Gaotona is not fully developed beyond how Shai sees him. Still fans will enjoy their battle over creating The Emperor's New Clothes.

Harriet Klausner

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