Thursday, December 25, 2014

Unchained-Caris Roane

Caris Roane
St. Martin's Paperbacks, Nov 25 2014, $7.99
ISBN: 9781250035318

Marius the vampire fears his father Daniel for good reason as the latter will do anything to achieve his objective of ruling their species and the inferior humans.  This ruthless vampire would maim and kill anyone after torturing them including his five children, especially the three rebelling against him (see Chains Of Darkness and Born In Chains for the stories of two of the siblings).  Daniel’s minion and Marius vie for control of a gizmo that can kill vampires. 

Though he cannot perceive how a member of the lesser race is his only chance at success, Marius knows he needs the assistance of archeology grad student Shayna Prentiss.  When his father’s thugs accost Shayna, Marius intercedes by kidnapping her and taking her to his secret hideout.  Stunned by the extraordinary skills of her savior and her wannabe abductees, Shaya is further astonished by her attraction to Marius as she never falls for “living” males; her preference being the dead of ancient civilizations.  However her amazement is much less than that of her host who cannot believe how much he desires a lowly mortal.  Bound by their blood chain and in love, Shaya embraces the vampire culture with a thirst to know more; while Marius fears what will happen to his beloved once she enters the combat against his deadly dad.

The third and final Dark Men in Chains romantic fantasy is a thrilling climax to a pleasant two cultures colliding trilogy.  Although the initial lead pair in love (beyond saving the world) seems too abrupt, Caris Roane writes an appealing tale that has the audience rooting for this enchanting couple.

Harriet Klausner

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