Friday, December 5, 2014

Seducing The Hunter-Vivi Anna

Seducing The Hunter
Vivi Anna
Harlequin Nocturne, Dec 1 2014, $5.75
ISBN: 9780373009350

Daeva the Seductress of Shadows demon prefers residing on earth rather than in Hell.  Over many millennia she has possessed female mortals until an exorcist would send her home until she escapes again.  Presently she has been in Hell for three years ever since the love of her life demon hunter Quinn Strom sent her there.

Her servant-friend Klix the goblin stuns her when he says his sister Loir is going topside seeking a skeleton key that opens something ancient and valuable to demons.  Daeva concludes someone aware of the key knows that it opens the cursed Chest of Sorrows containing a deadly tome inside that a scholar entrusted to her a century ago. 

Crimson Hall Cabal sorcerer Richter Collins accompanied by a female goblin demands Quinn give him the key.  Before she leaves the injured Quinn, Loir informs him she is servant to the one he betrayed and who told her not to kill him.  In Hell, Klaven the demon tortures Daeva trying to learn where she hid the chest; at the same time San Francisco State Professor Q tells Strom he has no choice except to work with the female who knows the location as this is an End of Days event.  Reluctantly Quinn visits Mary to get the supplies needed to bring his Demon back to earth.  When Quinn summons Daeva, the negotiations begin.

The second delightful Strom family demon hunter urban fantasy (see Releasing The Hunter) is an entertaining action-packed thriller.  The second chance at love dysfunctional relationship between the demon and the hunter at times supersedes the good and evil battle between the cabal, Klaven and their minion vs. Strom, Daeva and their allies.

Harriet Klausner

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