Friday, December 26, 2014

Hush Karen-Robards

Karen Robards
Gallery Books, Dec 30 2014, $26.00
ISBN: 9781476766584

FBI Agent Finn Bradley breaks into the dark Houston mansion seeking Jeff Cowan, son of disgraced and imprisoned financier George, who scammed billions from his customers.  Instead of confronting Jeff, Finn sees his still warm body hanging in what looks like a suicide.  He also finds Jeff’s separated wife Riley at the scene.

Riley explains to the Fed that Jeff feared for his safety and that of his family after several of his dad’s associates “accidently” died at a time when irate volatile clients demand their money returned immediately; but he also failed to name names.  HPD rules suicide, but Riley believes otherwise as she concludes her teenage sister-in-law Emma and her mother-in-law Margaret remain worthwhile targets of violent scammed investors who demand George reveal where he hid the loot.  Finn and his partner trail Riley hoping she leads them to the missing money.  Thus he intercedes when mobsters assault Riley.  Neither trusts the other, but their misgivings are made worse by their attraction even as the irate adversary snatch Emma to force George to talk.

Hush is a tremendous romantic suspense starring two refreshing beloved enemies who spend much of the thrilling storyline lying or concealing the truth.  The fresh relationship between Riley and Finn make for an intriguing romantic subplot that enhances the prime suspenseful storyline of keeping safe the Cowan women while locating those responsible for the attacks on them.

Harriet Klausner

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