Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Mine To Take -Jackie Ashenden

Mine To Take
Jackie Ashenden
St. Martin's Paperbacks, Nov 25 2014, $7.99
ISBN: 9781250051769

The result of a rape, Gabriel Woolf lives for one thing only; destroy the SOB who violently assaulted his mom and anyone even the innocent who stands in the way of his achieving his objective.  Ruthlessly stomping through people, Gabe joins the Nine Circles billionaire club whose members are his nearest thing to friendship.

Thanks in part to Eva, a Nine Circles’ associate, Gabe’s plan to complete his life goal of vengeance vowed at his recently deceased mom’s deathbed takes a giant step towards fruition.  He offers to invest in his biological father Guy Tremain’s financially troubled hotel chain with one stipulation that his target’s stepdaughter investment broker Honor St. James escorts him at an affluent lodge.  When he tries to bully Honor; unlike so many before her who cravenly backed down she stands up to him.  Stunned by her strength and her by a feeling of connecting lost souls, Gabe and Honor begin an affair that both want but fear will take them to uncharted undesirable territory; neither anticipated how strong their need grows nor how convoluted Guy’s byzantine maze proves to be.

The opening act of the Nine Circles romance is a taut drama that stars two captivating leads.  Believing he belongs in Dante’s hell, Gabe is an intriguing avenger whose attraction to Honor brings unwanted feelings of love and guilt that he prefers to ignore before they implode his scheme.  Honor has deep issues too re loss, but remains resolutely in love while doubting a HEA will happen. 

Harriet Klausner

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