Monday, December 8, 2014

Dreamwalker-C.S. Freidman

C.S. Freidman
Daw, Dec 2 2014, $7.99
ISBN: 9780756409647

In Manassas, Virginia Jessica Drake shares her vivid dreams of alien worlds only with her younger brother Tommy.  Her detail is so incredible, Tommy uses much of what she relates to him in internet gaming.  DNA testing stuns Jessica and her mom when the results prove she is not the offspring of either of her parents; while hospital birth footprints affirm these are her parents.

When Tommy texts his sister with “133 watchd”; concerned Jesse rushes home to learn a woman was looking at their family home.  Thinking he was exhausted from an all-nighter with gamers in Australia, an upset Jesse assumes his imagination is running wild again.  At school a woman wants to buy Jesse’s dream art “Stalker”.  On the net, Jesse joins a website for those who have conflicting proof as to whom their parents are.  From that site she meets Rita and Devon who warn her that at least eight members have recently died in accidents.  Jesse and her parents are safe from a house fire, but Tommy vanished.  Following information on his computer, Jesse and her new friends search for Tommy; but soon learn of a diabolical alien multi-worlds’ (including earth) operation.

With its strong underlying message to beware of superpower nation abuse and unwanted influential pressure on less fortunate people, Book One of the Dreamwalker Chronicles is an engaging young adult science fiction.  The audience will believe in the Friedman universe due mostly to the actions of the only fully developed character Jesse and some interesting alternate historical tidbits.  On the other hand the mysterious female watcher, the new buddies, the family and others are stereotypes used exclusively in support of the heroine.  Still this marvelous opening act will please readers.

Harriet Klausner

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