Friday, December 5, 2014

The Tess Chronicles Volume Two-P.R. Frost

The Tess Chronicles Volume Two
P.R. Frost
Daw, Dec 2 2014, $8.99
ISBN: 9780756410254

“Faery Moon.”  After surviving imp fever, Tess Noncoire became a Celestial Blade Warrior and bonded to Scrap the imp.  Tess and Scrap work outside the system to stop demons from coming into our realm (see The Tess Chronicles Volume One).  In Vegas they and her grieving mother attend the Fairy Moon show where winged dancers fly without wires.  In the Interdimensional Chat Room, Scrap sees the portal to Faery leaking out energy.  He and Tess learn the dancers are faeries trapped by Lord Graham abetted by a vampire.  Tess, Scrap, her archivist Golum, Damien the half demon, Lucia the vampire pretending to be a demon or is that a demon pretending to be a vamp, and their cab driver Mickey try to liberate the faeries and close the leak. 

“Forest Moon Rising.”  Tess and Scrap travel to Portland where a psychopath who crossed over through an undiscovered leak has committed violent crimes against women.  At the same time other issues overwhelm Tess.  She is responsible for a horde of half-breed demons; serves as a backup to a renowned Celtic-folk singer; needs to write a book; and finally persuades her beloved they are fated once she decides who he is.

The reprints of Tess Noncaire books 3 and 4 are exciting kick butt urban fantasies filled with danger, intrigue and heartache.  The heroine at times seems to be the star of a fantasy game in which whenever she needs a new skill she obtains it seemingly instantly but also uses her new talent as a seasoned veteran rather than struggling to understand what she newly possesses.  Still this is an engaging series as the Amazon warrior and her impish sidekick battle paranormal evil.

Harriet Klausner

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