Sunday, August 10, 2014

Why Lords Lose Their Hearts-Manda Collins

Why Lords Lose Their Hearts
Manda Collins
St. Martin’s, Jul 29 2014, $7.99
ISBN: 9781250023865

Her husband Gervase the Duke of Ormond abused his wife Perdita for years before she finally tries to flee for her life.  Ormond catches up with his runaway spouse; and pulls out a knife, but fate intervenes and he dies by his weapon. 

Now a widow, the former Duchess of Ormond vows to never allow any man to control her.  However, someone threatens her peaceful widowhood by claiming Perdita murdered her husband.  Fearful, Perdita needs a man to keep her safe so selects her late husband’s former secretary kind Lord Archer Lisle as her protector and lover.  Archer has been in love with the “wicked” widow for years and will do anything to keep her safe.

Why Lords Lose Their Hearts is an engaging Regency romance that answers who the villain threatening the three Wicked Widows (see Why Dukes Say I Do and Why Earls Fall in Love) is, but not before plenty of suspense.  The romantic subplot is slower than the usual Manda Collins historical due to Perdita’s realistic fears as she struggles with trusting men after her abusive marriage; while Archer keeping his beloved safe patiently understands he must go slower than he desires.  Readers will appreciate the climax to Manda Collins’ taut trilogy.

Harriet Klausner

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