Sunday, August 31, 2014

Irresistible Force- D.D. Ayres

Irresistible Force
D.D. Ayres
St. Martin’s, Aug 26 2014, $7.99
ISBN: 9781250042170

One month ago, someone kidnapped Charlotte-Mecklenburg PD Officer James Cannon’s K9 partner Bogart.  James followed leads in search of his missing police dog until he sees Bogart with a woman in an isolated cabin just outside of Raleigh. 

Shayla Appleton fears her former boyfriend, outwardly charming to the world but abusive to her. Eric Coates refuses to accept it is over between them.  Thus she “adopted” dumped for death Prince from the local animal shelter where she volunteers.  James confronts her for abducting his canine Bogart, but Shay says she saved him from execution as the woman who dropped him off demanded they do.  After Shay dials 911, Chief Deputy Sheriff Ward arrives to take control of the scene.  Shay describes the woman wanting her Prince to die; James recognizes his crazy former girlfriend Jaylynn Turner.  Both already in love with Prince Bogart and with help from their dog, James and Shay deal with their respective monstrous previous significant others, her childhood and worse love.

The first K-9 Rescue police procedural romantic suspense is an exciting action-packed tale that deftly combines falling in love (due to the efforts of a matchmaking dog) with the nefarious activities of the two over the top of Mount Mitchell exes (neither have a redeeming quality).  Prince Bogart steals the show from his human partners as D.D. Ayres provides a terse opener.

Harriet Klausner

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