Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wanted: Wild Thing-Jessica Sims

Wanted: Wild Thing
Jessica Sims
Pocket Books, Aug 26 2014, $7.99
ISBN: 9781476753973

A decade ago, the fortune-teller informed then fourteen year old Ryder Sinclair she was a changeling who if still a virgin by twenty-five, the monster inside would replace the outer bubbly human fa├žade.  Since then Ryan has sought unsuccessfully to meet her “One” true love, but has failed to find the male who can prevent the monster inside her from taking over her outer appearance when passionate.  Even working at Midnight Liaison dating service for the supernatural has proven futile.

Finian the Fae accompanied by a giant he introduces as “unimportant” arrive at the office.  The arrogant Fae calls Ryan a Changeling, which shocks her as no one knows what she is.  He also explains her biological parents were breeders he hired in order to own the offspring.  Before leaving, Finian assigns his gigantic companion Hugh to insure his asset remains a virgin so that he can collect on his investment by selling his merchandise to the highest bidder when the monster inside of Ryder takes control.  Ryder’s only hope is to seduce her humongous hunk.

This Midnight Liaisons romantic urban fantasy (see "Out with a Fang" from the Undead In My Bed anthology, Must Love Fangs, Claws and Effect, Desperately Seeking Shapeshifter, and Beauty Dates The Beast) is a jocular chastity belt tale starring a frustrated “owned” couple.  The storyline starts off leisurely-paced, but accelerates as readers meet all the players (including those from previous books and the primordial).  Although why Finian waited until the final countdown to guard his valuable virgin (and in hindsight should have chosen a female or a eunuch), this well-written novel stars the ugly changeling and her Wild Thing falling in forbidden love

Harriet Klausner

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