Monday, August 11, 2014

Kiss The Ring: An Urban Tale-Meesha Mink

Kiss The Ring: An Urban Tale
Meesha Mink.
S&S/Touchstone, Aug 5 2014, $14.99
ISBN 9781476755304

An out of control hellion as a teen on the streets of Newark; as an adult Naeema Cole has become a law abiding model citizen working at a neighborhood barbershop.  However, Naeema learns that four gangbangers hunted down like a rabies dog and murdered her fourteen year old son Brandon Mack who had been part of a bank robbing gang.  Filled with guilt as she gave him up for adoption knowing that as a wild unsweetened sixteen with no prospects she could not raise a child nor wanted too; she simply vows vengeance.

Naeema needs to get inside the gang, but cannot do so as her responsible adult self.  She needs to return to who she was just after her parents died when she was a wild tweener and teen, but a mature adult version.  Thus she becomes siren “Queen” stalking her child’s killers and, though attracted to the brutal chieftain, wants his head too.

The key to Meesha Mink’s powerful gritty urban thriller (see the author’s Real Wifeys series) is the protagonist who will remind readers of a modern day Scarlet Pimpernel as the heroine smartly struggles with good motives to keep the lifestyles of Naeema and Queen apart.  The gripping storyline is filled with depth due to each of the gangbangers boasting to the sexy seductress on what went down.  Kiss The Ring is a strong street lit avenging mama drama.

Harriet Klausner

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