Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Wandering Dragon-Irene Radford

The Wandering Dragon
Irene Radford
Daw, Aug 5 2014, $17.00
ISBN: 9780756409142

Coronnan begins the slow healing from the magically-generated super storm that devastated much of the kingdom.  Among those who sacrificed their lives in the quest to end the raging mage Samlan’s magically created tsunami are mates Brevelan the witchwoman and Jaylor the Chancellor of the University of Magicians (see The Broken Dragon).  Their four children have different destinies.  Lila continues her efforts to help people survive and recover from the cataclysm while her beloved Skeller the bard returns home to Amazonia as King Lokeen’s heir.  Her twin sister Val continues to help healed Lady Ariiell who rejects Lokeen’s proposal.  Their half-brother Glenndon’s father King Darville recognizes him as Coronnan’s heir.  Finally their brother Lukan agrees to accompany Skeller on his trek home in order to find his missing mage mentor Master Robb. 

None of the siblings are aware of the diabolical plotting of a beautiful witch who just escaped from a fifteen year incarceration.  She plans to forge a coven loyal to her that includes Lukan and a scheme to become mad Lokeen’s royal bride.  Neither Skeller nor Lukan realize that the Krakatriv monsters who recently destroyed much of Coronnan during the storm run rampart in Amazonia, a land filled with chronic fear.

The third Children of the Dragon Nimbus (see The Silent Dragon) completes the latest trilogy with the prime focus on Lukan and Skeller.  Though there is a déjà vu feel to the entertaining storyline, the bard-prince, the new master mage, the insane ruler and the beguiling evil witch make for an exciting quest fantasy.

Harriet Klausner

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