Monday, August 25, 2014

Keepers Of Runes And The Tower Of Shadows- Andrew D. Cratsley

Keepers Of Runes And The Tower Of Shadows
Andrew D. Cratsley
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, May 1 2014, $15.98
ISBN: 9781494365530

Though his student is over a century old, Tessius the master worries that newly promoted to Knight Corinth is too egotistical and overconfident in his magic and sword-fighting skills.  Thus Tessius sends Corinth away from Enzlintine supposedly to end the trouble caused by Khalid but mostly for the pupil to learn more of the vast complex world out there. 

On Corinth’s trek, Aventis the swordsman and Nadine the siren join the knight.  With other allies, they consistently succeed and triumph; adding to the knight’s belief he can beat anyone.  When Mortiscet the elven necromancer captures the trio, Corinth mentally struggles with his first setback.  Mortiscet forces the trio to abet his daughter Rieka regain a magical book.  However, Rieka has a different agenda as she wants freedom from her despicable father; so she persuades her companions to rebel against the evil necromancer.

Keepers Of Runes And The Tower Of Shadows is a fabulous Tolkien epic fantasy due to the vivid Cratsley world filled with fully developed species.  Although nothing new is provided, subgenre fans will take immense delight in this enchanting opening act as the “young invincible” and his cohorts taste “   the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat...” (ABC's Wide World of Sports).

Harriet Klausner


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