Friday, April 19, 2013

Whispers of a New Dawn-Murray Pura

Whispers of a New Dawn

Murray Pura

Harvest House, Apr 1 2013, $13.99

ISBN: 9780736951708

In 1917, because of the patriarch Jude Whetstone’s self-sacrifice to keep his Amish brethren out of the draft as his People are war objectors and his wife Lyyndaya is working with Spanish flu victims in Philadelphia, the family was shunned (see The Wings of Morning). However, their offspring Nate and Becky share their love of helping others.

Nate was a missionary in China where he witnessed the brutality of the Japanese military first-hand before returning home to Paradise, Pennsylvania. In 1941, the American army “drafts the Whetstone family as flight instructors training pilots in Oahu, Hawaii. Becky is assigned Christian Raven who she deems an irritant not worth instructing. Heeding her Aunt Ruth’s advice, Becky talks with Christian; both share tragic losses though they grieve differently. As a friendship forms, each wonders if they found love until a “day in infamy” explodes at Pearl Harbor.

The latest Snapshots in History (see The Face Of Heaven) is a great historical that provides readers with a profound look at events including atrocities leading to the War in the Pacific. The romance enhances the deep thriller as Murray Pura provides the audience with a strong saga as an Amish family prays for peace on our and future times, but unlike their brethren accept that God has condoned war at times (Battle of Jericho, etc.).

Harriet Klausner

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