Sunday, April 7, 2013

Stolen Charms-Adele Ashworth

Stolen Charms

Adele Ashworth

Avon, Mar 26, 2013, $7.99

ISBN: 9780061905889

In 1847 Natalie Haislett finds London totally boring, especially the obnoxious swains that seem to cling to her. Natalie wants romance and adventure, but knows she will find little of either among the Ton. She is infatuated with the notorious Black Knight, a jewel thief renowned for his daring throughout aristocratic Europe.

Natalie asks Jonathan Drake, a close friend of the Black Knight, to introduce her to her dream lover. However, after years of working as a secret agent for his government, a weary Jonathan just wants to settle down in a boring English relationship with no surprises or adventure. When Natalie asks Jonathan to take her to France to meet the Black Knight, he shocks himself by agreeing. They cross the channel pretending to be a married couple. As they near their destination, Natalie and Jonathan fall in love. He knows he must persuade his beloved that a lifetime together will provide both of them with plenty of action.

Readers who enjoy a humorous Victorian romantic intrigue will relish the reprint of Stolen Charms. The story line is filled with tension as the couple battles with one another and with external forces. The lead protagonists are a darling daring duo and the support cast makes Victorian England and France feel as if a reader visit has occurred. However, what makes Stolen Charms a delightful tale is Adele Ashworth's ability to portray the conflict inside Natalie; society trained her to act in a certain proper way, which wars with her inner soul. Her love for both The Black Knight and Jonathan further reveal her conflicting desires.

Harriet Klausner

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