Sunday, April 28, 2013

His to Command-Opal Carew

His to Command

Opal Carew

St. Martin's Griffin, Apr 16 2013, $14.99

ISBN: 9780312674632

Two years ago, Kate left Matt and Manhattan without a word. She quietly moved to Connecticut where she became a successful businesswoman. However, near the Cavendish Mall, Kate thinks she sees her greatest fear, Matt. As she scrambles away from him, Kate thinks back to his betrayal at a party after she gave him her heart and also her body as his submissive. She will avoid him and not learn why he is in Connecticut

Matt cannot believe he saw his Kate at the mall; worse he also witnessed her flight from him as if he was infected by the plague. Though he holds her culpable for deserting him as he felt they had a great dom-sub relationship, Matt compulsively needs to know why she abandoned him with nary a word. He will find her and learn why. Taking advantage of a need for an investor, Matt gets Kate to agree to time together at his mansion as she once again becomes His to Command.

This BDSM romance is a heated tale that originally was a six-part e-book serial, but now is in one erotica novel; the above two paragraphs come from the first chapter, the second chance encounter The Chase. The enjoyable storyline flows smoothly as Kate and Matt explore their feelings (and each other) as they communicate; and not just sexually. Though Kate’s fleeing New York two years ago seems unlikely overkill as Matt is not a Neanderthal, erotica readers will enjoy Opal Carew’s torrid tale.

Harriet Klausner

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