Friday, April 12, 2013

One Texas Night-Jodi Thomas

One Texas Night

Jodi Thomas

Zebra, Apr 2 2013, $7.99

ISBN: 9781420131413

“In Amarillo By Morning.” In 1889 Fort Worth, Charlie and Dolly Tucker invite three potential suitors to dinner to meet their single sister Agnes visiting from Chicago. Hank Harris knows he cannot compete with his much more affluent and handsomer rivals Pitter Stockton and William J. Randall. Thus when Aggie accepts his marriage of convenience proposal, Hank is shocked. When he falls in love with his wife, Hank risks his heart to make their marriage genuine.

“Silent Partner.” After time in prison, Rowdy Darnell comes home to Kasota Springs planning to earn some money in the rodeo. However, he needs the fee to be paid to enter so he seeks a silent partner as no one would want to publicly bankroll a felon. Laurel Hayes wants nothing to do with the convict she once considered a friend, but their kisses speak otherwise.

“In The Outlaw.” In 1852 Cozette Camanez's dying father gives control of the family ranch to his brother unless his daughter marries. She explains she has a fiancé that she actually made up. Due to his bumbling uncles, outlaw Michael Hughes is trapped at her ranch, but agrees to marry her so she can own the spread and he can keep his uncles from jail.

“The Ranger's Angel.” In 1870, former Army nurse Annaline Barkley comes from DC to assist her brother the physician with his practice. However she and three men are trapped inside a stagecoach station surrounded by Randolph Thorn and his gang. She persuades Ranger Wynn McCord to take her with him as he flees into the night seeking to find help.

These are engaging reprints from four different Texas western romance anthologies published in the last five years with wonderful lead characters.

Harriet Klausner

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