Wednesday, April 17, 2013

September Storm-Brenda K. Jernigan

September Storm

Brenda K. Jernigan

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, Nov 2 2012, $8.99

ISBN: 9781480144187

In 1987 San Antonio, struggling advertiser Danielle Kapur arranges to meet her fiancé Steven Coffee, son of her boss at Coffee Advertising. They have not seen each other in over eighteen months, but are meeting at resort Sea Horse Island off the North Carolina coast where she plans to return him his ring. At the same time, she flies east under the influence of alcohol and airsickness medicine, Mass Corporation partner Adrian Massimino takes time off for the first time in ages as a birthday present he gives to himself. He tells his caring friends not to send him a high priced hooker.

Danielle and Adrian meet at the candle lit beach house and make love; as she thinks he is Steven and he believes her to be his birthday gift. In the morning after the greatest night of her life, a mortified Danielle realizes she made love with the wrong man. Neither immediately can flee as a hurricane hits the barrier islands and grounding the ferry. After they go their separate ways, Adrian sends Danielle business as she has opened her own advertising from after ending her engagement. When Adrian learns she is pregnant and proclaiming he is the father, an irate Adrian rejects her claim as he is sterile. She leaves, but later he finds out the child probably is his and wants to do right by Danielle and give their offspring his name, but she rejects him.

September Storm is an entertaining second chance romance starring two amiable protagonists. The enjoyable but linear storyline follows the path fans anticipate; yet is fun to read as Brenda K. Jernigan provides readers with a winning contemporary.

Harriet Klausner

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