Sunday, April 21, 2013

Darkness Before Dawn-Ace Collins

Darkness Before Dawn

Ace Collins

Abingdon, Mar 1 2013, $14.99


ISBN: 9781426714672

Police Officer Roland Johnson calls a sleeping Meg Richards to inform her that her husband Steven, working late, died in a car accident on his way home to celebrate their anniversary. Later that morning she learns she is pregnant. The other car was driven by a drunken teen James Thomas whose father Alfred is an influential judge with the ability to etch-a-sketch his son’s transgressions including a DUI vehicular homicide.

Politically ambitious District Attorney Webb Jones wants this case to go away. He arranges a deal in which remorseless James will do community service and Meg would receive money. Irate, avenging Meg rejects the settlement. Unhappy Webb assigns the volatile prosecution to his least experienced Assistant District Attorney Cheryl Bednarz, who in spite of being dumped into the feeding frenzied media fishbowl, plans to get a guilty verdict.

The key to this engaging drama is the change in Meg from a kind loving person to a nasty bitter individual who takes her rage out on everyone within her circle including God. Though at times heavy-handed due to Meg’s out of control rage, Darkness Before Dawn is filled with angst as the consequences of DUI destroy several lives.

Harriet Klausner

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