Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Through Deep Waters - Sarah Sundin

Through Deep Waters
Sarah Sundin
Revell, Aug 4 2015, $14.99
ISBN: 9780800723422

In March 1941 just before the destroyer’s maiden voyage the USS Atwood, US Navy civilian Mary Stirling insures ample supplies on board that everyone at sea takes for granted unless they lack them.  Assigned to the Atwood, Ensign Jim Avery arrives at the shipyard.  Childhood friends, Mary and Jim are happy to see each other.

Evidence surfaces that a saboteur has imperiled the Atwood just before it is to escort British naval vessels across the perilous Atlantic filled with U-boats.  When she learns the identity of the FBI’s prime suspect, using her secretarial position as a springboard, Mary assists the Feds on their inquiry whether they want her help or not.  Her efforts pull Jim into the investigation.  As they work together, Mary knows her teen crush is now an adult love, but believes Jim is not for her; Jim realizes he really likes the effective, quiet Mary, but fears destroying their friendship just before he sails away.

The first Waves of Freedom is a tense WWII inspirational romantic military suspense.  The storyline starts leisurely-paced as Sarah Sundin introduces the audience to the prime cast and setting (months before Pearl Harbor); but quickly turns into a fast-paced exhilarating thriller with the hunt for a saboteur (mindful of Hitchcock’s movie with the same title) while deadly German U-boats prowl the North Atlantic to destroy the Anglo supply lines.

Harriet Klausner

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