Monday, August 3, 2015

The Color of Light - Emilie Richards

The Color of Light
Emilie Richards
Mira, Jul 28 2015, $24.95
ISBN 9780778318248

In Asheville, North Carolina, Charlotte Hale gave her fortune to four women with the stipulation they use her money to help women in need.  The beneficiaries created Goddesses Anonymous as they began assisting others.  One of the recipients, Church of the Covenant Minister Analiese Wagner might have married someone else who since died, but always loved forbidden Father Isaiah Colburn.

Analiese meets the homeless Fowler family of four from Ohio in need of shelter, food and medicine (especially for the diabetic mom).  She places them in the church parish house.  However, angry council members believe she needed their permission and give her two weeks to find a more suitable abode even as Christmas will soon arrive.  The reaction of her church leaders upset Analiese who cannot believe they would harm a family in need due to a power grab.  She wonders if she should forget pastoring and return to journalism even as the love of her life Father Isiah has returned to see her while at the crossroads between remaining a priest and becoming a loving husband.

The fourth Goddesses Anonymous drama (see Mountain Away, Somewhere Between Luck and Trust, No River Too Wide) is an interesting inspirational in which the Fowlers (particularly young teen Shiloh) steal the show; as they personalize the Depression (to them it is not a recession).  Reverend Ana feels overwhelmed, depressed and considers quitting, but still believes in the Lord and good deeds.  The Father Isaiah subplot augments the tale of the minister drowning under diverse pressure, but refusing to give up the good fight.

Harriet Klausner

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