Friday, August 14, 2015

The Blue - Lucy Clarke

The Blue
Lucy Clarke
Touchstone, Aug 11 2015, $24.99
ISBN: 9781501116735

Eight months since she last saw her best friend, Lana Lowe fears Kitty Berry died in the tragedy; as she anxiously waits for news of her buddy’s fate, search and rescue crews look for the Blue.  Lana thinks back to when she and her BFF played pin the tail on a spinning globe that led to them to leave England for the Philippines. 

They soon met several adults sailing the Pacific on the 50-ft yacht the Blue and are invited to join them.  Captain Aaron explained there are a few rules that he insisted everyone abide by.  The sea voyage proved perfect until relationships began to change and nerves frayed culminating with one of the adventurers apparently falling overboard and vanishing into the ocean.  Lana feared their paradise was a false fantasy.  Feeling alone as Kitty scoffed at her concerns, Lana disembarked in New Zealand, no longer best friends.  Now she prays Kitty somehow lives.

The Blue is an exhilarating sea voyage thriller that deploys flashbacks to tell the tale of when Lana was part of the crew sailing in close quarters that lead eventually from harmony to discord.  Character driven, readers will feel we sit next to Lana learning the news including revelations about the squabbling sailors seemingly lost at sea.

Harriet Klausner

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