Saturday, August 8, 2015

The Complete Arrow’s Trilogy - Mercedes Lackey

The Complete Arrow’s Trilogy
Mercedes Lackey
DAW, Aug 4 2015, $18.00
ISBN: 9780756411190

“Arrow’s Queen.”  When Talia saves a Companion, she is rewarded by becoming a royal herald in training in Valdemar.  The apprentice soon finds evidence of a planned treacherous coup culminating with the assassination of Queen Selenay.  Encouraged by Companion Rolan, Talia uses her unpolished empathy talent to try to keep the ruler safe.

”Arrow’s Flight.”  In Valdemar, Talia has come a long way from being a runaway as she reached the rank of Herald though she has one remaining test before she officially becomes Queen Selenay’s protector.  Accompanied by Kris the Herald, Talia begins her final eighteen-month field ordeal.  Still insecure and doubting she can control her empathy skill; Talia must reach inside to find the confidence to control her talent before she turns into a danger to the kingdom and the queen she vows to defend.

“Arrow’s Fall.”  Having successfully completed her training, Talia returns to the court as the Queen's Own Herald only to find seditious acts to manipulate Selenay’s heir Elspeth.  Her inquiry into court intrigue is interrupted when the monarch sends Talia to determine whether Elspeth should marry Prince Ancar. 

The reprint of the thrilling late 1980s first Herald of Valdemar trilogy opens with two coming of age tales and a save the queen third entry.  Although three decades have passed and many more Valdemar entries released since, Talia passes the test of time as she remains a terrific heroine starring in those first electrifying epic fantasies. 

Harriet Klausner

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