Saturday, August 8, 2015

The Silver Locket - Sophia Bar-Lev

The Silver Locket
Sophia Bar-Lev
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, Apr 5 2015, $14.95
ISBN: 9781508845546

While her husband Danny serves in France, in 1942 Boston twenty-one years old Rosalie Lapkin struggles with hours of labor until Dr. Fischer performs a C-section.  However, instead of a healthy newborn, Dr. Fischer informs Rosalie that her daughter didn’t make it. 

While her husband Joe works for his uncle in New Mexico; in the same hospital, choosing not to nurse her newborn, Sarah Rosenfeld feeds her healthy baby girl Dorothy.  Sarah and Rosalie become friends.  No one knows that she gave birth in the hospital; so sadly Sarah gives her “Dorothy” to Rosalie to raise as Rebecca Sarah with only Rabbi Lowenstein’s wife and very few others aware of the adoption.

Rosalie’s cousin Josh arrives from California just before Rosalie learns that Danny is MIA.  At the same time Sarah moves to Pasadena to be with Joe who has a new job there.  As the years pass, Rosalie, accompanied by her new husband and her daughter, migrates west even as she wonders if it is time to give the precious Silver Locket to her beloved Rebecca at her high school graduation.

This is a captivating historical due to a strong ensemble cast who bring to life the long term effects of heart-wrenching decisions made out of love that occur during a crisis like a war.  Readers will appreciate Sophia Bar-Lev’s enjoyable two decade saga; as a tearful mom doing what she believes is best for her offspring impacts two families.

Harriet Klausner

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