Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Sirena Quest-Michael A. Kahn

The Sirena Quest
Michael A. Kahn
Poisoned Pen, Jan 6 2015, $24.95
ISBN 9781464203527

In 1994 Silicon Valley billionaire and Barrett College class of ‘59 graduate Robert Godwin notices the alignment of three seemingly unrelated events except for the day June 17 and the school.  The oldest occurrence is the college’s sesquicentennial anniversary; the middle happening is the 1959 theft of the still missing Greco-Roman sculpture Sirena from it place at the prestigious Massachusetts school; finally the youngest gala is the class of ’74 celebrating its twentieth reunion.  Godwin offers a $23 million endowment to his alma mater if Sirena is back in its college locale on June 17, 1994; and $2 million to those who accomplish the feat.

Class of ’74 Ray Gorman contacts his James Gang college roommates Lou Solomon, Gordie Cohen and “Bronco” Billy McCormack to discuss finding fame, fortune and the missing statue.  Ray begins the quest by meeting with Lou in the latter’s hometown St. Louis to start the quest by visiting the late “Mr. Barrett College” Ray Washburn’s sister.  While rivals including unscrupulous dangerous competitors hunt for Sirena, the middle age fearsome foursome also follow clues that send them hopping all over the country.

As St. Louis attorney Rachel Gold (see Face Value and Trophy Widow) takes somewhat of a respite (she makes a cameo appearance in this tale), Michael A. Kahn provides an exciting treasure hunt thriller enhanced by deep metaphysical middle age identity crises.  The entertaining storyline grips the audience once Ray and Lou meet in St. Louis and never slows down as the protagonists and their challengers break the law and take several major missteps.  Fans will root for the James Gang as they face several perilous scenarios while realizing finding who they are supersedes finding Sirena.

Harriet Klausner

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