Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Running With Wild Blood-Gerrie Ferris

Running With Wild Blood
Gerrie Ferris Finger
Five Star, Jan 21 2015, $25.95
ISBN: 9781432829667

Three years ago someone murdered affluent teenager Juliet Trapp, but Atlanta Police failed to solve the case.  When Geoff Howard regains some of his alcohol-lost memories of that fatal night, APD Major Crimes Homicide Unit Detective Lieutenant Richard Lake asks his girlfriend, Child Trace CEO Moriah Dru, to investigate the cold case.  Richard explains the victim was a party girl who hung out with the Wild Blood Motorcycle Club bikers and her raped corpse was found near their club; additionally her wealthy father Sherman vanished after the IRS began sniffing into his lack of returns.

Dru interviews Howard who revised his statement re Juliet.  She also learns that Sherman probably were ashes stolen from a Chattanooga crematorium.  At the Winters Farm Academy Juliet attended, Dru realizes how much trouble the late spoiled brat caused yet the faculty adored her in spite of a close friend becoming paraplegic and her BFF Bunny is nowhere in sight.  With the Wild Blood approval, Lake and Dru ride with the bikers to Florida for Bike Week.  There she kills a sniper and struggles with an FBI agent who plans to use the gang to further his career.  Hit men target Dru who believes the key to solving the mystery resides with locating Bunny.

In her latest Dru-Lake Mystery (see Murmurs of Insanity and The Devil Laughed) Gerrie Ferris Finger provides a twisting tale filled with red herrings, a tremendous final spin and an enthralling support cast; held together by the leads especially Dru.  Armchair readers will enjoy visiting the Big A and riding from The Big Peach (or The Big Chicken) to Florida alongside the wild bunch bikers and the protagonists.

Harriet Klausner

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