Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Duke in My Bed-Amelia Grey

The Duke in My Bed
Amelia Grey
St. Martin’s Paperbacks, Dec 30 2014, $7.99
ISBN 9781250042200

In 1815 Hyde Park, intoxicated Heir Club members Marquis Drakestone and Viscount Wayebury race their curricles when an accident leaves the latter dying.  Wayebury tells Drakestone he fears for his sisters as his uncle will inherit the title and ignore his nieces.  In front of several lords, the dying man gets the Marquis to make a death bed pledge of marrying his sibling Louisa and to take care of his dog Saint.

Two years later, Bray still has not wed Louisa nor plans to do so.  However, she has made his life hellish by refusing any other suitor.  At the same time the Ton keeps asking him when he will wed her.  Her uncle forces the issue so Bray finally goes to meet his “fiancée” and her spoiled sisters.  Bray and Louisa are attracted to each other from the onset but he struggles with her pain in the butt siblings and she has nor forgiven him for failing to keep his vow.  Wages including one between them occur over the couple’s relationship and pressure mounts until they agree to a marriage of convenience that fails to consider love.

The first Heirs’ Club Regency is an amusing historical starring two amiable leads battling whether to marry or not to marry and who proposes.  Although the sisters come across as nudniks, subgenre fans will agree this is a sure bet romance.

Harriet Klausner

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