Tuesday, January 13, 2015

River Of No Return-David Riley Bertsch

River Of No Return
David Riley Bertsch
Scribner, Jan 6 2015, $26.99
ISBN: 9781451698039

If Jackson Hole, Wyoming fishing guide and B&B owner Jake Trent knows that any thoughts of returning to his previous prosecutor life ended with his recent adventures (see Death Canyon) reminding him how much he needs to stay away.  However, he reconsiders his reconsideration when former lover Divya Navaysam pleads with Jake to come to D.C. to defeat Idaho U.S. Senator Rick Canart’s push to deploy Chinese developed technology SafeTrak to locate illegal immigrants.

When his friend J.P. begs him to find his missing girlfriend Esma who failed to come home from Mexico, Jake immediately agrees.  As they search for her, Jackson Police Chief Roger Terrell and his wife Charlotte visit a theme park replication of Jackson Hole in China as invited guests of the owner Xiao.  However, Xiao takes the couple prisoners to force the return of his daughter Meirong; who recently vanished in the Jackson area.  Meanwhile Divya allies with Xiao to pressure Jake to search for Meirong; while the Feds and the Chinese government want her too.

The second Trent thriller (see Death Canyon) is an exhilarating search and rescue with an international influence that looks deeply at illegal immigration, corrupt politicians and effective lobbyists.  The excitingly yet seemingly divergent subplots seamlessly merge into a stupendous storyline that has readers rooting for Trent to save several women in distress.

Harriet Klausner

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