Saturday, January 17, 2015

The Carousel Seas-Sharon Lee

The Carousel Seas
Sharon Lee
Baen, Jan 6 2015, $15.00
ISBN: 9781476736969

In sort of Maine but more accurately the Six Worlds’ Changing Land, Kate Archer the Guardian of the Land of Archers Beach, risks everything to free those otherworld badass felons incarcerated in the animals of the Fantasy Menagerie Carousel that she is the keeper.  Though she knows the Wise will be irate with her liberation, Kate assumes all those locked away have left earth.  Thus she believes she has time for her personal life starting with seeing the Guardian of the Gulf of Maine, Borgan. 

However, her assumption proves false as one of those she free stayed behind in the sea where she recalls that at one time she reigned there as a Goddess.  She has two goals: to regain her former regal status and to make Borgan hers.  When she kills goblins, the sea turns hostile to everyone living nearby starting with a massive jellyfish invasion and a sudden ceasing of waves.  She next attacks those her beloved cherishes like Kate, and challenges Borgan for control of Gulf of Maine.  The two guardians and other allies need to find a way to end her tyranny before this evil takes full control.

The third Archers Beach urban fantasy (see Carousel Sun and Carousel Tides) is a spellbinding contemporary filled with action and a caring heroine who learns that good intentions do not always lead to good outcomes.  This magical Maine thriller hooks the audience due to the fabulous lead triangle.

Harriet Klausner

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