Sunday, November 16, 2014

Purged-M. E. May

M. E. May
M&B Literary Creations, Nov 20 2014, $14.95
ISBN: 9781500411121

In Indianapolis, Doug watches and waits in horror as a local Wiccan coven praises the Goddess on Sabbath Samhain.  When they leave, he abducts the last Wiccan to depart while thanking the heavens for his opportunity to save the soul of this devil worshipper.  Doug explains to his frightened victim Sasha that he is an angel who must do the Lord’s work using any means to cleanse the evil out of her.  When he completes God’s work, he etches “Forgiven” in olde English on her corpse.

Zach and April find the location where the “witches” recently performed their rite.  April trips over Sasha’s body before Zach, thinking human sacrifice, calls 911.  Police Detectives Chennelle Kendall and Erica Barnes lead the investigation into the homicide of the tortured Wiccan.  They find numerous suspects, but most people of interest belong to the deeply pious Avenging Angels Evangelical Church flock whose goal is ending the devil worshipping Wiccan coven.  More torture murders follow from an avenging angel claiming his divine mission from God is saving souls.

The fourth Circle City police procedural starring different lead cops (see Ensconced, Inconspicuous and Perfidy) is a gripping murder mystery even with readers knowing the identity of the deranged serial killer from the start.  The keys to the engaging investigation are the beliefs backed up by strong convictions of the Wiccan coven and Avenging Angels Evangelical Church congregation seem real; as does the psychopath’s contention that he is God’s messenger purging evil from sinners.  

Harriet Klausner

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