Tuesday, November 11, 2014

King Of Assassins-Jenna Rhodes

King Of Assassins
Jenna Rhodes
DAW, Nov 4 2014, $24.95
ISBN: 9780756408848

The Gods were disgusted at the damage that the Mage Wars did so they took the magic away from them and turned their backs on the people of Kerith. The Vaelinar Elfin like beings of magic were thrown into Kerith and over the centuries this long life spanned species entrenched their way into the infrastructure of this world.  Warrior Queen Lariel rules the land, but trusts no one, not even pregnant Nutmeg who carries her baby.

When invincible Kobrer assassins attack Nutmeg and Rivergrace the goddess-touched Vaelinar, the latter’s hybrid lover Sevryn fights to protect the two females with help from injured former warrior turned trader Bregan.  In the heat of the battle, Bregan flees, but instead of killing Sevryn the Kobrer abruptly cease fighting; they tell him their client broke the contract and he should seek the King’s Assassin.  Discussing what happened with Rivergrace, Sevryn considers whether this affront came from outlawed weapons maker Quendius as a first assault by his brutal army or the Queen’s traitorous rival ild Fallen the Vaelinar.  Changing their assumption from Nutmeg as the target to Sevryn leads to a shocking conclusion that forces him and Rivergrace to flee.

After a six year wait for The Elven Ways Book Three (see The Four Forges and The Dark Ferryman), series fans will relish this exciting entry filled with backstabbing (literally) political intrigue, a heroic lead pair on the run and enemies with agendas to gain or retain power.  Loaded with action from the onset, King Of Assassins is a mesmerizing epic fantasy.

Harriet Klausner

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