Friday, November 7, 2014

For Love or Liberty-Jennifer Hudson Taylor

For Love or Liberty
Jennifer Hudson Taylor
Abingdon, Nov 4 2014, $14.99
ISBN 9781426733864

As the War of 1812 continues, Charlotte Morgan grieves the death of her twin sister Emma Deaton, but only has a few moments left on the Carolina coast.  While Emma’s widower husband David heads to the Great Lakes, Charlotte follows as her six year old nephew Davie and her one year old niece Ashlyn needs her to take care of them.  To her chagrin, David’s naval officer brother and her former suitor Conrad plans to be there for his sibling and the kids too.  Conrad conceals from his beloved Charlotte his regret over the dumbest thing he ever did when he dumped her making the sea his mistress; though now he hopes for a second chance.

In the Great Lakes region, David’s grief overwhelms him with a morbid depression that leads to his ignoring his two children, unstable for military duty and turning to alcohol to numb his emotionally-crushing pain.  Conrad and Charlotte agree to an uneasy truce in order to care for the kids and David; while he also tries to gain her forgiveness and regain her love.  As the second war of independence heats up in the area, Charlotte prays for the safety of her brother-in-law and her beloved Conrad. 

The third MacGregor Legacy (see For Love or Loyalty and For Love or Country) is a wonderful War of 1812 family drama with an incredible somewhat ravaged background.  The second chance romance engages the audience with much of the reason being the fighting between the in-laws over what the right things are re the grieving seemingly destructive widower and the older child’s struggles. 

Harriet Klausner

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