Monday, November 3, 2014

At The Chateau For Christmas-Rebecca Winters

At The Chateau For Christmas
Rebecca Winters
Harlequin Romance, Nov 1 2014, $5.99
ISBN: 9780373743131

Though their families have been enemies for years, at the request of his grieving grandfather Maurice; Nicholas Valfort travels from Nice to San Francisco to inform Laura Holden Tate that her grandmother Irene, who he adored, died in France.  At the Holden Hotels Headquarters where she is financial director, he hopes she is not like her volatile mom and avoids fireworks.  When he breaks the news, her reaction shows he just shook her world though she hardly knew her grandmother.  Nic also says he brought the body with him per the deceased’s request to be buried near family, but turned to her because her mother and aunt wanted nothing to do with Irene or his grandfather.  Finally he tells her that her grandmother left her something in the will, but she must come to Nice to learn what it is.

Laura arrives late in Nice after the estate lawyer left on vacation, but surprises Nic with her need to chat with his grieving grandfather.  She agrees to stay at Nic’s chateau where his grandfather comes to see her immediately.  As Nic and Laura compare family stories, they fall in love; but he remains married to Dorine who vanished without a trace a few years ago.

This is an enjoyable contemporary in which love begins to heal three generations of two feuding families.  Although the Dorine disappearance is too conveniently resolved, Nic and Laura enable Christmas in Nice to come across très romantique.  
Harriet Klausner

Harriet Klausner

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