Sunday, November 16, 2014

A Billion Ways To Die-Chris Knopf

A Billion Ways To Die
Chris Knopf
Permanent, Nov 21 2014, $29.00
ISBN 9781579623630

Not fully recovered from his head injury suffered when his late wife’s enemies killed her and left him for dead in their Connecticut home (see Dead Anyway), Arthur Cathcart feels safe in his new identity especially after they took care of their foes (see Cries of the Lost).  Arthur and his girlfriend psychologist Natsumi Fitzgerald enjoy sailing his ship Detour on the Caribbean.  However, his contention that it is over proves false when hired guns invade his sailboat, demanding he turn over the missing billion.  He insists he knows nothing about the lost loot.

Warned to find it or else, Arthur and Natsumi conclude they must go home to face criminal charges involving stealing money and murder.  Though the FBI and mobsters make the pair toxic with their wanted dead or alive pursuit, Arthur’s sister Evelyn who faked his death (see Dead Anyway) and ex-Fed Shelly Gross assist the beleaguered couple; while Cathcart shows once again his uncanny adaptability skill under pressure.

The third Cathcart amateur sleuth is an action-packed cat and mouse thriller in which who readers believe are the felines and rodents change during the storyline.  Fans will root for agile Arthur and nimble Natsumi; as the awesome lovers take the fight in person and on line to the enemy.

Harriet Klausner

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