Sunday, February 9, 2014

Wishing on Buttercups-MiraLee Ferrell

Wishing on Buttercups MiraLee Ferrell David C. Cook, Feb 1 2014, $14.99 ISBN: 9780781408097 In 1880 Baker City, Oregon, Beth Roberts lives with her Aunt Wilma in a boardinghouse. She has no memory of her parents and because of ugly scars caused by a fire when she was a child assumes no man will ever want her. Reticent Beth’s solo pleasure is scenic drawing and recently she began secretly selling her pictures as Elizabeth Corwin to The Women’s Eastern Magazine. Defiant Jeffery Tucker rejects his family’s demands especially from his father to end his foolish dream and come home to work in their business. He knows worse on his psyche than the family pressure is the constant rejection letters from publishers until he receives a note in which a magazine wants to serialize his work if he includes illustrations. Jeffery asks Beth if she knows Elizabeth as he needs a quality illustrator, but she reacts strangely. Meanwhile as Beth begins to regain tidbits of her lost memory frightening her aunt and Jeffery falls in love with her, Steven Mason arrives in town on banking business. The second entertaining Love Blossoms in Oregon inspirational historical romance (see Blowing on Dandelions) contains a strong cast while the moving storyline once again emphasizes the importance of the triad of faith, family and community. As fascinating Beth begins to recover her lost little girl memories, she needs to accept that God (and Jeffery) does not judge a book by its scarred cover. Although readers will figure out the delightful important twist relatively early, MiraLee Ferrell provides her appreciate audience with a charming Americana. Harriet Klausner

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