Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sun God Seeks ...Surrogate?-Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Sun God Seeks ...Surrogate? Mimi Jean Pamfiloff Forever, Feb 25 2014, $6.00 ISBN 9781455546978 In New York City, convinced she found her sibling’s soul mate, Cimil the Mayan Goddess (see Accidentally... Cimil?) offers human female financially-strapped waitress Penelope Trudeau a million dollars if she has a baby with her brother Kinich the Sun God. Desperately needing the money to pay for her dying mother’s medical treatment from an unknown disease, Penelope still rejects the deal. For numerous millennia, Nick declined fraternizing with humans but is attracted to Penelope and she wants him too once they meet. As the God and the waitress begin seeing one another, he becomes upset to learn his sister’s role in matching them up. However, he cannot walk away as he loves Penelope and besides he also knows he must protect her from his enemies; who would gladly use his beloved as an expendable pawn to get to him and Cimil. The latest Accidentally Yours romantic urban fantasy is a humorous tale as the Sun God’s conspicuously colorful sister (think of a female Dennis Rodman in his pre Korean days) seeks a surrogate for him in the midst of a battle with their adversaries. Series fans will enjoy Mimi Jean Pamfiloff’s latest fast-paced jocular farce (see Vampires…Need Not Apply?). Harriet Klausner

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