Friday, February 21, 2014

Ruberah: Age of Jeweled Intelligence-P. Christina Greenaway

Ruberah: Age of Jeweled Intelligence P. Christina Greenaway girl by the sea, Mar 19 2013, $14.95 ISBN: 9780615949871 The Age of Jeweled Intelligence ends with the destruction of Az’Rayelle when the Ruberah Kingdom Princess Li’ram fiddles away her time thinking only of her love for Emerald Kingdom Prince Da’krah while the Dark Master assaults her land. Realizing too late she allowed her desires to supersede her people’s safety, self-loathing Li’ram pleads with the River Spirit to grant her a chance one day for redemption. Eons later in the Kingdom of Kernow, teenage Princess Tamara refuses to perform her official duties compounded by her defying customs. Her anguished father decrees his rebellious daughter will be changed into a river of tears. In the present, as Americans Mitch Devere and Miriam Lewis drive a car across the Tamar Bridge into Cornwall, she is stunned by seeing a glowing girl floating on the river. This jogs an odd memory of a vow she made a long time ago and also recalls flashes of a royal life in the ancient Kingdom of Ruberah. Confused, Miriam believes she made a sacred pledge in a previous life that she feels a deep commitment to honor. To do so she must rely on the River Tamar spirit to guide her and Mitch; yet unaware that her otherworldly ally is limited with what she can do to help. Miriam’s arrival also awakens the dormant Dark Master. Written in Ruberah is a superb romantic fantasy as M&M aided by the river spirit have a second chance in the war against the Dark Master. The key to this vivid thriller is that the prime players past and present seem genuine. Readers will appreciate this exhilarating tale as redemption does not guarantee defeating evil. Harriet Klausner

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