Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Queen's Choice-Cayla Kluver

The Queen's Choice Cayla Kluver Harlequin Teen, Jan 28 2014, $17.99, ISBN: 9780373210923 The Queen of Chrior is dying. Two heirs qualify as the next monarch of Chrior, but the Queen selects her niece Anya as more suitable for the kingdom than her other niece Illumina. She also assigns Illumina to find her long lost son Prince Zabriel in Warekum. However, as she grieves for her beloved aunt, Anya feels she may be a better candidate than her cousin, but is still not qualified to rule. Anya decides to leave her Fairie realm to find Zabriel in the human world. For the most part nothing goes right once she crosses over starting with losing her wings, which not only severs her bond with Davic, but also exiles her on this mortal plane. However, the one plus is Anya meets human Shea who mentors her on her misadventures. The first Heirs of Chrior young adult fantasy is an engaging tale that provides a fascinating mythos. The storyline is fun when the heroine stumbles from one blunder to another due to her stubborn refusal to accept she has been de-winged and so no longer indestructible. However, in between her blunders are long stretches of seemingly nothingness; as this is a solid opening act but not at the level of Cayla Kluver’s Legacy trilogy. Harriet Klausner

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