Tuesday, February 11, 2014

To Sail A Darkling Sea-John Ringo

To Sail A Darkling Sea John Ringo Baen, Feb 4 2014, $25.00 ISBN: 9781476736211 His brother warned Steven John Smith of a pandemic disease that starts off like an airborne flu, but turns into a neurological disorder transmitted by bites from sick victims. Heeding his sibling’s cautionary advice to head out to sea, the former Aussie Para Steven managed to get his wife Stacey and their two teenage daughters (Sophia Lynn and Faith Marie) out of West Virginia (see Under a Graveyard Sky). As the world is under siege, the Navy appoints Steven as Commander of the US Navy Atlantic fleet after his success at eradicating zombie nests at sea; his daughters receive officer commissions too. Currently they bravely try to clean out the Iwo Jima from the infected while hoping to rescue those still human trapped inside. Though this Black Tide Rising apocalypse thriller has the feel of a middle book as the overarching premise feels stalled at sea, readers will appreciate the action-filled (except when the brass pontificates) tale as zombie cleansing is a hazardous occupation. Fast-paced throughout, John Ringo provides an entertaining zombie war tale with civilization forced To Sail A Darkling Sea that needs cleansing the oceans of the madness that occupies the land. Harriet Klausner

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