Sunday, November 24, 2013

True Story-Ni-Ni Simone

True Story

Ni-Ni Simone


ISBN: 9780758287724

Eighteen years old Stiles University sophomore Seven McKnight has a dilemma and it is not her roommate Kyla’s should be condemned Gremlin. Believing in the proverb that all work and no play makes Seven a dull Jersey Girl; she wants to party.

However, her present boo Zaire St. James, once in trouble with the law, has become all work and no play except for renting flicks. Bored with her current boo, Seven gives her former cheating boyfriend Josiah Whitaker (see Upgrade U) a close look. The baller wants her back and feels a convict, especially a born again responsible one, is no competition against a slam dunker like him though he knows he must regain Seven’s trust.

The latest Seven teen drama (see Shortie Like Mine) is an engaging tale that seems real because of the lead female’s hedonistic selfishness that plays two wannabe boos. Young adult readers will enjoy the confused Simone’s antics as she struggles to choose between loyal ennui and philandering excitement while we shout our choice to her.

Harriet Klausner

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