Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Most Expensive Night of Her Life-Amy Andrews

The Most Expensive Night of Her Life

Amy Andrews

Harlequin Kiss, Nov 19 2013, $4.99

ISBN: 9780373207404

Veteran Blake Walker hates the current renovation project due to the snobbish client, affluent supermodel Ava Kelly. His brother Charlie tells him that their widowed sister, Joanna’s charity is short one million quid. Feeling survivor guilt since he was the superior officer of his late brother-in-law when Col died, Blake wonders how to make up the loss of a major financial backer while trying not to tell the spoiled pain in the ass to screw off.

Ava is in awe of unflappable polite Blake who showed no reaction to her beauty and her unreasonable orders; not used to being ignored behind a fa├žade of good manners, Ava cannot stop herself from trying to make him react to her diva demands. The renovation completed, Ava displays a shocking appreciation of a job well done. As Blake goes to leave on his vacation, shots are fired. His reaction saves her life while he wonders who she pissed off. Frightened Ava asks Blake to protect her in exchange for her helping his sister’s charity. As they hide on his London canal boat, they fall in love.

Paying homage to combat veterans and their families, The Most Expensive Night of Her Life is a poignant contemporary. Whereas Ava is more of a caricature, Blake is terrific as a vet suffering from coming home alive while many of his brothers-in-arms died; his feelings accentuated by his sister making him promise to bring home her husband alive (not in a bag). Readers will appreciate the tale of love between the super diva and the super soldier.

Harriet Klausner

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